Hush L’il Baby, Don’t You Cry… On These Dreamy Canadian Pillows & Blankets

Blankets and pillows are universal. Whether helping you sleep or making your life pretty, a throw cushion or blanket can revive a drab sofa by injecting some fresh personality while giving you one more reason to nap. And why wouldn’t you visually elevate your home while wrapping your shoulders with a warm hug on a rainy day?

In Canada, being cozy is essential. And it’s not just during the bitter cold of winter when we’re hibernating. It can be at any time at a moment’s notice! So, thank goodness for Canadian designers and home furnishing companies who sell essential comforts.

Like these companies homegrown in Canada whose products can deepen your state of relaxation while enhancing your decor.

Photo Courtesy of MacAusland’s Woollen Mills


1. Cottage Cloth – Canadiana Throw Pillows

Adore! Adorn! Accent! These pillows are plush Canadian pop-art pieces!

This sweet canoe-themed cushion from Cottage Cloth is a great couch companion. Curl up with this pillow and reminisce about summer’s past. Or cuddle up and daydream about canoeing the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories, the French River in Ontario, or Lake Louise in Alberta.

Cottage Cloth pillows are lovingly hand-made in Toronto, Ontario, by eco-conscious maker Kailey Stewart. Each pillow is crafted using sustainable organic cotton and water-based inks, mindfully produced to minimize fabric and water waste.

What’s not to love?

Photo Courtesy of Cottage Cloth Etsy Shop


2. MacAusland’s Woollen Mills – Snuggle With A Canadian Classic 

For nearly one hundred years, MacAusland’s Woollen Mills blankets have brought warmth and comfort to Canadian homes.

Since 1932, this family-owned company located in Bloomfield, PEI, has produced high-quality traditional blankets made of 100{b3b50ab12984b8efa911943a142f94f54028427e012d6f15d2ab65597636dde1} virgin wool, which is what makes a MacAusland’s blanket soft and uniquely light-weight.

They’re also Canadian heirlooms. Whether you gravitate to neutral designs or those with bold patterns, McAusand’s Woollen Mills’ blankets are well-crafted and durable. Personally, I think the orange, blue, and pink colour-blocked blanket below is exactly the kind of pop we could all use right now.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Photo Courtesy of MacAusland’s Woollen Mills


3. Vintage Map Co. – Destination: Relaxation 

Map out your next nap with a unique cushion from Vintage Map Co.

All of Vintage Map Co.’s throw pillows are designed and handmade in Prince Edward County, Ontario by designer Helen Hawketts. The striking designs are created using images of authentic vintage maps spanning several eras from coast to coast. Digitally enhanced and printed on natural cotton-linen-canvas, my personal favourite Vintage Map Co.’s design is the striking PEI map below.

Whether you prefer your pillows jewel-toned or muted, Vintage Map Co. has a curated collection of locations across Canada, whether they’re familiar places you’ve been to or destinations you aspire to visit.

Rest your weary head, and beckon sweet dreams or fond memories!

Photo Courtesy of Vintage Map Co.


4. Hush Blankets – Keep Calm & Carry On With Canada’s First Weighted Blanket

In 2017 Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak brought the weighted blanket to Canadians.

Hush Blankets calm the nervous system and slow the heart rate. Just like being hugged and letting go, the comfort of being wrapped reduces anxiety, distress, or restlessness. The evidence also suggests you may achieve more restful sleep.

Hush offers a wide range of products, knowing that achieving a state of relaxation in our fast-paced culture can be challenging. Their blankets are well-made and they’ve got some pretty alluring colours, like the sapphire shade below which reminds me of the ocean at night during a full moon.


Photo Courtesy of Hush Blankets


Did you see the Hush team catch the attention of the Dragon’s Den investor panel?

Take a look!



How do you achieve meaningful relaxation during a pandemic?

It starts with self-care.

So give your head the gift of a soft place to land, and your body a chance to cocoon, ok?


Cottage Cloth

MacAusland’s Woollen Mills

Vintage Map Co.

Hush Blankets

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This story was researched and written by BRYNN BYRNE, a Toronto-based writer and podcaster with a passion for BIG cities and tiny homes.

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