Modern Home Furnishings By Thom Fougere Studio In Winnipeg, Manitoba

Do you live in Manitoba? If you’re searching for stylish modern furnishings for your home, then Thom Fougere Studio just may be your answer.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the studio is the personal brand of Thom Fougere, creative director of Canadian furniture retailer EQ3. Defined by his minimalist design aesthetic, the studio’s creations seek to push the boundaries of Canadian home decor.

Tactile materiality is integral to the collection – where leather, stone, and metals each develop their own patina over time. The multi-sided “Saddle Chair” promises to reveal the relaxation habits of its user through the patterns of wear on the chair’s leather surfaces, while enhancing the character of the piece. The connection between furniture and its owner is a concept that Thom Fougere explores in his collections.

One of Thom Fougere’s most frequently used materials is Manitoba Tyndall stone, which is patterned with the fossilized remains of early marine creatures. The raw stone will wear away slightly with use, exposing more and more of the traces of history within. This choice of material also speaks to the history and identity of Winnipeg, whose Legislative building is also constructed of the stone.  The “Tyndall Table” is displayed in Thom Fougere’s own home, and is popular with collectors.

The stylish and slim design makes it a perfect counterpoint to heavier furnishings!

In another creative use of Tyndall stone, “Tyndall Vessels” display flowers and other items with a graceful solidity. The cylindrical form is reminiscent of ancient stone columns, which contrasts elegantly with the natural silhouette of plants. Each stone vessel can also function as a sculptural piece when empty and exhibited on its own.

The simple vessels come in multiple heights, from five to just over thirty centimeters tall, which allows for customized arrangements and configurations.

“Tyndall Vase”, my personal favorite item from Thom Fougere Studio, extends the rim of the traditional vase into a disk-like surface that appears to float above the ground plane. This opens up the option of displaying items both inside and on top of the vase. The transition from the hidden inner space to an exposed outer surface is playful and modern. As much as I would like to own this vase, the piece is a one of a kind item, and was commissioned by a private party.

The two-tiered “Steel Wood Table” also plays with open and closed spaces, as it purposefully exposes clutter, even as these items are stored away.

The studio’s 2015 and 2016 collections have been featured in design exhibitions as far away as Stockholm, Sweden, and New York, New York, as well as right here in Canada. Thom Fougere Studio’s use of materials that are meant to be worn in, juxtaposed with clean, modern design, has established a uniquely Canadian aesthetic. Many Canucks would be proud to display Thom Fougere furnishings in their home, and design publications world-wide are proud to display the collection in their pages.

To see all of the furnishings, visit Thom Fougere Studio!

All images courtesy of Thom Fougere Studio.

Researched and Written by Leah Komishon, Faculty of Architecture, Environmental Design, University of Manitoba

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