The 49th North Lounge Chair Designed By Kenny Nguyen And Ian Buckley

Designed in Toronto and manufactured by COFO Design, Kenny Nguyen and Ian Buckley were inspired by the spaces of their home for their beautiful chair-ottoman set, which they named “49th North Lounge Chair“.

Nguyen’s approach made the design subtle enough to naturally blend within its environment, but yet remain a lovely statement piece. On the other hand, Buckley’s contribution as a user-centric designer ensured the set was as ergonomic as possible, and that every part played a distinct role. The result is a stunning work of art made into a fabulous residential piece ready for any household in the Great North!




This handsome lounge chair’s name references the 49th Parallel and is intended to reflect and celebrate Canada’s diversity – which I should mention – is proudly the most diverse country in the world.




The composition of these forms includes three primary visual elements: the light cream Italian Melton wool cloth as the padding for the seat and back, a round tubular frame, powder coated in an eco-sustainable way, and wooden accents on the feet of the metal legs. Even as these elements contrast each other, the piece still seems like a single, cohesive work! It just works.




The frame is made of cold-rolled steel, laser-cut and cleanly welded, and also features a cross-brace of the legs, making for quite a charming design element. The trim of the steel is then accented with black walnut hardwood, local to our North American home.




The chair and ottoman set is also available in five colours, including a lovely variety of Italian Melton wool, accented by domestic hardwoods maple and walnut.




Overall, the piece is superbly put-together. Its form is delightful yet subtle, the contrast is stark and eye-catching, and best of all – the beautiful aesthetics line up perfectly with the ethos of the design.

What more could one want from such a fantastic design?


If you’re interested in seeing more amazing pieces like this, you should have a look at COFO Design.

Photography courtesy of Hiep Vu Photography.


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Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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