Three Canadian Wallcovering Companies To Refresh Your Plain Walls

The age-old idiom “these four walls” has been repeatedly borrowed to enrich song lyrics, album titles, and book covers. For me, it’s an offbeat way of describing a feeling of ‘Home’ or a space that has been the physical backdrop to life’s most important moments. Oh, if these walls could talk!

It goes without saying that during the past year, while we have been isolating in our homes due to the pandemic, our walls have witnessed much more of our daily lives (and more meaningful moments) than prior.

Given that they are such prominent fixtures – with the power to influence things like mood and energy – perhaps now might be an opportune time to give your walls a refresh? If you’d like to breathe new life into your existing four walls, or perhaps even sound-proof them, there are numerous companies across the country that have you – and your walls – covered!

Here are three innovative Canadian-owned and -operated wallcovering companies that captured my attention!


Photo Courtesy of Finium


1. Finium – Located in Frampton, Quebec

Are you searching for a way to add warmth, dimension, and texture to a room?

Adding a wood veneer covering to a standard wall can create a massive impact in a space. Finium, based in Frampton, Quebec, uses ethically-sourced wood and manufactures its coverings and panels using sustainable practices.

The panelled walls in the spaces above – staged as Work-From-Home offices – would look great in an otherwise modern Toronto condo; they would add a contrasting rustic element, bringing warmth, texture, and a calming aesthetic reminiscent of a Muskoka cottage or Whistler ski lodge. Pretend you’re at a woodland retreat while balancing your financial statements!


Photo Courtesy of WYNIL


2. WYNIL – Located in Montreal, Quebec

Want to bring nature indoors?

Photographer and designer Patrick Pepin is the founder of WYNIL which produces Wallpaper and Murals from their studio in Montreal. According to their website, WYNIL’s products are pre-pasted and both easy to install and remove.

Above, a stunning mural from WYNIL’s Forest collection, which includes breath-taking images by photographer Pepin himself captures the essence of Canadian woodlands. Installing this in your living room could make you feel like a majestic Canadian Boreal Forest surrounds you. After all, almost 60% of Canada’s land area, spanning the most easterly part of Newfoundland and Labrador’s province to the border between the far northern Yukon and Alaska is covered in Boreal Forest.

In addition to Pepins’ designs, WYNIL manufactures and distributes Wall Papers and Murals by other artists, most of whom are Canadian. The designs WYNIL offers are truly artful and can add an instant dose of imagination, serenity, or personality to your wall.


Photo Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Decals 


3. Rocky Mountain Decals – Located in Lethbridge, Alberta

Are you looking for a bright bold update to a room without a long-term commitment?

My last stop of this Canadian Wall Coverings tour is the firm Rocky Mountain Decals in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Lethbridge is known for its status as an agricultural hub for southern Alberta. In proximity to the Rocky Mountains, it’s also a region of lush landscapes with nature trails. Rocky Mountain Decals draws inspiration from nature, specializing in floral designs.

I love how the colourful floral decal pops against the dark paint colour creating a daring accent wall in the image above. Beyond floral designs, they offer other bold styles and graphics in peel and stick decals, wallpaper, and murals. Peel and stick products are a fantastic option since they can easily remove them without damaging the walls.

Rocky Mountain Decals also sells adorable and whimsical wall coverings for children’s rooms. What could be more ‘Canadian baby nursery’ than the one pictured below with its mountain-themed wall? The best part about this product is that it is easily removable, so as your child matures and develops their own sense of style, it can be removed and a new one applied. How amazing is that?


Photo Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Decals 


All of these companies offer Canada-wide shipping.

Dressing up your walls can be fun, fulfilling, and fast. What better way to make your dwelling reflect your personal style?


Visit the websites of these three great Canadian companies to see more of their outstanding work and products to dress up your walls!


Rocky Mountain Decals



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This story was researched and written by BRYNN BYRNE, a Toronto-based writer and podcaster with a passion for BIG cities and tiny homes.

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