Bromont Getaway – Paul Bernier

We recently featured the home of Montreal architect Paul Bernier on our site, where we raved over his abilities to marry structure and nature into a seamless domestic oasis.

So when we discovered he was also the architect for this Bromont, Quebec weekend getaway for a Montreal couple, we realized Paul’s ability to intersect architecture and site is what makes his work successful.

In this project, enjoyed year round, the focus is shared between the immediate leafy landscape during the warmer climes and the distant Appalachian Mountains, which are visible in the cooler seasons when the forest has dropped its leaves.

The building itself consists of two “blocks” connected via a veranda and fully glazed passageway.

The first block – known as the day block – is a U-shaped structure designed for gathering. Having a space plan that wraps the cooking, lounging and dining areas around an outdoor furnished courtyard, although it reads as one visually-cohesive entertainment zone it’s really a series of spaces each with its own dedicated function.

The second block – called the night block – contains the sleeping and private quarters which were organized within a larger two story structure.

As fans of natural materials, we like how the stone blocks and expansive glazing keeps the exteriors elevations simple, uncomplicated and unobtrusive against the landscape.

And we appreciate how the placement of the windows were based on maximizing the views and achieving optimal daylight.

Having soaring vaulted ceilings, the interior volumes of each block are open and expansive. This was achieved by having the partition walls create zones of separation without the walls going to the full height of the ceiling. For those rooms requiring more privacy, like the washrooms, ceilings were installed, resulting in “cubes within the space”.

Traditional materials and methods (timber frame construction), keep the space honest in its vernacular, reinterpreted in a fresh design which pays special attention to the surroundings.

Another success!

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All photos: Courtesy of James Brittain.

Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Student of Interior Design – Ryerson University

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