Peak-A-Boo House By Post Architecture In Toronto, Ontario

The Toronto boutique firm Post Architecture re-designed this charming “Peak-A-Boo” home in the Toronto suburb Etobicoke, Ontario for a couple who wanted a no-frills fresh liveable residence. It was named “Peak-A-Boo” to honour its unique design elements hidden on the inside.





If you’re familiar with Etobicoke, you’ll know that this Toronto suburb is dominated by original post-war dwellings, though many are now being transformed or torn down for new builds. Modest houses like this one with a classic gable roof are a common typology.





When looking at the exterior, the Peak-A-Boo house doesn’t appear radically different from its neighbours – but once you step foot inside, it will amaze you.





For this particular project, the home was completely transformed from its original design, including doubling the floor area. The original dwelling was a bungalow totalling 1,000 square feet. Despite the significant renovations and extensions, the project remained within its budget of $525,000.


The design included the addition of three bedrooms and a washroom on a 750 square foot upper level. Post Architecture incorporated some fun “peek-a-boo” windows from this upper level which overlook the open plan entertainment space (which invariably enhances the kids ability to play “eye-spy”!)





The creation of the gable roof on the street front not only created a spectacular airy vaulted ceiling in the entertainment space, but the composition respects the vernacular of the neighbourhood. This front facade is understated and complements the area, which is surprisingly unusual in an era where ‘top ups’ can often be status statement properties.





The vaulted ceiling also visually lifts the space, while the dark painted steel I-beam adds a grounding element while expanding the sense of widith, which is important in residences where the ceiling heights are the standard eight feet.







The Peak-A-Boo house has a unique engaging design that is distinctive compared to most suburban Toronto residences. Transforming what was originally an unremarkable bungalow and transforming it into a piece of domestic art custom-tailored to suit the needs of the homeowners and their lifestyle demonstrates the excellence of Post Architecture, especially given it was completed on budget.

The Peak-A-Boo house was also featured in The Globe and Mail, so if you’d like to check out that article visit The Globe and Mail.

To learn more about the Peak-A-Boo house, or to check out the firm and their other projects, visit Post Architecture.


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Researched and Written by Kara Scerri, Graduate from York University, and Sheridan College, Ontario

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