Stunning Modular Homes By Karoleena Homes In BC

Does Karoleena Homes sound familiar to you? If it does, it may be because you saw  the owners, brothers Kris and Kurt Goodjohn, receive a $500,000 investment on CBC’s Dragon’s Den!

Karoleena Homes is a modular construction firm that factory-builds sectional pre-fabricated structures – typically six sided components – which are then delivered and assembled on site (think Lego toy blocks for houses).

This is a growing trend. In fact, in 2012 around 12,970 factory-built single-family homes were created in Canada, accounting for 11% of all the single-family homes built that year.

Based in Okanagan Falls, BC, Karoleena Homes offers modern energy-efficient pre-fabricated dwellings completed in half the time it takes to build conventionally. In fact, these houses can be completed within six months of the foundation’s completion.

Embracing sustainability, the homes are built to have lower utility costs, while reducing material waste, as the construction process is both streamlined and precise.

The Kitsilano model below is designed for infill applications within an existing urban centre. It features three bedrooms and two baths within 1764 square feet.

Karoleena Homes can execute a project from start to finish, including material selections, construction and installation of finishes and fittings.

Each dwelling is tailored to comply with building code requirements specific to its location too.

Essentially, these modular pre-fabricated residences can be built anywhere that permits a conventional domicile.

To date, most Karoleena Homes have been constructed in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Given the diverse climates and extreme temperatures, all materials are weather-resistant with high-standards of insulation.

Karoleena Homes offers some impressive, stunning designs which challenge the perception that modular prefabricated dwellings lack a high-style design sensibility.

All images courtesy of Karoleena Homes

Karoleena Homes is changing the way Canadians perceive modular and prefab. They offer a practical design-savvy solution for most any location.

Would you live in a modular home? I would, in a snap!

For more information, here’s Karoleena Homes.

Researched and written by Tammy C., Graduate of Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo

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