When I first saw this building, I thought to myself “It’s not a condo building. It’s the infinity of being.” I think you’ll agree:

photo: Courtesy of Harvey Kalles

This is Westbank‘s Living Shangri-La Toronto, 66 stories of splendour.

Co-designed by James Cheng and Hariri Pontarini Architects, it has a hotel on the first 17 floors and VIP residences for the rest of us. Looking up at it from the bottom, it’s so long it could be the runway for a Boeing 747. Sleekness is the name of the game, especially when compared with that Jenga tower on the left-hand side. It exudes a quiet confidence – sticking to the basic rectangular prism shape on the outside, it knows that the real party is inside. Let’s take a look:

photo: Courtesy oHarvey Kalles

Oh. My. God. I can’t believe there aren’t crowds of people rioting in the lobby, demanding to get into this penthouse.

Just look at the…everything.

photo – Courtesy of Harvey Kalles

photo: Courtesy of Harvey Kalles

photo: Courtesy of Harvey Kalles

Those are real Boffi cabinets. The designers spared no expense!

photo: Courtesy of Harvey Kalles

In case you weren’t completely blown away already, all of the doors in the units are self-closing AND have anti-slam technology.

And since the residential units share the building with the hotel suites, the condo owners get to use all of the hotel’s 5-star amenities.

Those happen to include concierge, housekeeping and room services, a mineral-enhanced relaxation tub, valet service and business conference rooms. You can literally go to work in your pyjamas. Here’s a video of the interior.

Research and Written by Josh Patlik, Student of International Development & Political Science at the University of Toronto.

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