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We’re Celebrating Canada’s Birthday!

In honour of our beautiful country – Canada – today I’m eating birthday cake!

( Hey – it’s what Canada would want! )



Welcome to our newly rebranded Canadian Real Estate, Housing & – formerly known as That Which Shall Not Be Named – after the server suffered a fiery crash and burn in May 2021. After dozens of months of trying to get the issue resolved unsuccessfully, we elected to immigrate to a new server. Which, ironically, is very Canadian. This is why we’re announcing our return today!

We Love Canada

Canada is 156 years old since Confederation. No other country in the world is as liberated, progressive, or offers as much opportunity as Canada. I’ve always admired my parents for uprooting their lives to emigrate from England to the ‘Great White North’. Like many new Canadians then – and today – they did it for the possibility of a better life for themselves, and the future of their children.

Can I just say that as a first-generation Canadian, I am grateful that my education, health, and welfare have been a right and not a privilege? Having these benefits from birth has allowed me to evolve toward my highest purpose and greatest good. Where else can that happen so inclusively?

I truly wish that to be the legacy for everyone in this country, especially when we owe so much respect, remorse, and reconciliation to our First Nations People, on whose land we live.



New To Canadian Real Estate, Housing &

Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Steve Fudge and I’m celebrating over three decades as a realtor, property consultant, and proud resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since 1989, I’ve steered my career through a real estate market crash and burn; survived a slow painful cross-country recession; completed an M.E.S. graduate degree from York University called ‘Planning Housing Environments’; executed the concept, sales & marketing of multiple new condo and vintage loft conversions; and guided hundreds of clients through the purchase and sale of hundreds of freehold and condominium dwellings across the original City of Toronto. From a gritty port industrial city into a glittering post-industrial global centre, I’ve navigated the ebbs and flows of a property market as a consistent Top Producer. And I remain as passionate about it today as when I started.

Furthermore, I’ve also dedicated my career to exploring the importance and meaning of Home in our contemporary culture. This includes mentoring Canadians in fields they’re passionate about, through ongoing research, writing, guidance, and support. In fact, many of our writers are Canadian Students and recent graduates enrolled in the fields of Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, Housing Products, and Canadian History of Art & Architecture (and any other field related to Canadian Shelter or journalism). Plus we have several contributors who have personal and professional experience on the country’s domestic distinction, to offer more breadth and depth on our culture of shelter.

In fact, if you’re Canadian with a strong design sensibility, and you’d like to share your unique project, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you’re anywhere in Canada looking for a Paid Internship, simply fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page so we can explore the possibilities, together.



I – and the team at Canadian Real Estate, Housing & Home – are proud and grateful to be Canadian. We look forward to showcasing more architecture, landscape, design, real estate, and products from Canada!



Sincerely & With Thanks,

~ Steven Fudge

Love real estate as much as I do? Check out my sister site on culture, design, and real estate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And if you need help with any real estate needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me –>!


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