Houseporn’s Guide to East Coast Glamping

In Houseporn’s final post on our three-part guide to Canada’s top glamping sites, we share our top places for glamping in Eastern Canada with our more adventurous readers, especially those who love to get outdoors all year long!

Embrace Canada’s winter climate with the following glamping sites that promise the ultimate -and most comfortable- outdoor winter retreat!


Ridgeback Lodge, Kingston, New Brunswick

Ridgeback Lodge is situated on the beautiful Kingston Peninsula overlooking the Kingston Creek, Belleisle Bay, and Saint John River.

Saint JohnNew Brunswick‘s largest city and the second largest city in the maritime provinces, is just a short 35 minutes away.

Glampers at Ridgeback Lodge can find luxury in the cedar log cabin accommodations with wood stoves, covered decks, and amazing views! However, the latest accommodations at Ridgeback Lodge will have the adventurous already packing their glamping necessities. Geodesic domes – aka ‘Dream Domes’ – are the latest introduction at Ridgeback Lodge. Featuring a large bay window overlooking the 185-acre grounds – and comforts including a king-sized bed, wood stoves, luxurious bathroom and kitchenette – glampers can celebrate the forest landscape from the comfort of these architecturally unique domes.

One of our favourite amenities is the private wood-fired Japanese outdoor hot tub (in the image below) with room for two!


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@PacificDomes <—Check them out!

Images courtesy of Ridgeback Lodge


To book your reservations at Ridgeback Lodge, or learn more about their glamping accommodations, visit the Ridgeback Lodge website.


Yurts on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Island is located off the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Filled with rich history, a lively music culture, and five nature reserves, glamping in Cape Breton provides an endless stream of activities and awe-inspiring views.

This glamping paradise boasts four yurts to choose from; three original, hand-crafted designs and one westernized version. Choose the Tan Cedar Yurt, Red Mongolian Yurt, the Blue Yurt, or the Green Yurt. Each boasts unique elements like a Cedar soaking tub, wood stoves, a tonal (similar to a sky light), with diameters ranging from twelve to twenty feet.

Glamping activities include hiking, canoeing, guided expeditions, wild life tours, and wellness retreats available throughout the year. An infrared sauna and the soaking tubs are our picks for keeping toasty this winter!

Book reservations at Cabot Shores and check out the Snow Much Fun Package for your winter retreat in Cape Breton!

Images Courtesy of Cabot Shores


Gaspesie National Park, Gite du Mont-Albert, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec

Nestled into the Eastern Quebec mountainside near Gaspesie National Park, this 4-star lodge is open year-round with a variety of accommodations. We love their “ready-to-camp” formula which includes tent trailers and Huttopia tents. Yes, Gite du Mont-Albert offers everything a glamper could possibly imagine.

Seeking a unique glamping experience? The Huttopia tent sits on a wooden platform with canvas walls and roofing, with two bedrooms divided by a curtain wall with a common space housing camping-style furniture. These tents can be used as communal lodging for hikes along the International Appalachian Trail. How amazing is that?

This glamping site is ideal for the explorer who’d value a comfortable crash pad between hiking excursions. Or, perch in one spot where you can enjoy all the on-site amenities at Gite du Mont-Albert!

Activities at this resort include cross-country skiing, hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation. Take some relaxation time in the sauna or fire-side at the common indoor fireplace!


Images Courtesy of Gite du Mont-Albert


East Coast Glamping, DIY East Coast Glamping Experience

For adventurers in search of a glamping experience that is off the beaten path…

The glamping experience design company,, provides canvas tents (bell tents) to rent or buy with the hopes of meeting all your glamping needs, in any destination (they ship worldwide!). The company’s blog supplies anything and everything glamping from Stone-Age bread recipes, East Coast Glamping blankets, ‘Glampy Lists’, and ‘Tilly tales from the Road.’ They go on to celebrate glamping as “cowboy teepees, buntings, and vintage fabrics” and after reviewing their glamping excursions, we tend to agree. The combination of DIY craft, over-the-fire recipes, and breathtaking maritime views are irresistible!


Images courtesy of East Coast Glamping Inc.


From geodesic domes, to yurts, huts and cabins, to owning your own glamping bell-tent accommodations, the east coast has plenty to whet every glamper’s appetite!

For more Canada-wide inspiration visit Signature Luxury Travel & Lifestyle’s 10 unique stays in Canada. and the ultimate glamping resource, Glamping Hub.


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Researched and written by Sara Nicole England, undergraduate student at OCAD University in Criticism and Curatorial Practice

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