Ceragres In Quebec Showcases Bold Tiles

If you’re a lover of tile, then you’ve probably heard of Ceragres from Quebec.

Celebrating 25 years in the tile business, this renowned Canadian company carries 124 collections ranging from ceramics, porcelains, and natural stones.

With Ceragres’ extensive collection there are endless number of style possibilities you can explore with your designer.

Good design starts with creating a focal point, where the eye is drawn to create interest and attention. This helps to set the mood or theme that defines the emotional impact you’re intending to convey.

One interesting way to achieve this is to place the visual emphasis on the floor. Using contrasting elements, such as colour, texture or pattern, with unadorned walls and neutral furnishings, the eye is immediately drawn to the flooring because it contrasts with the rest of the space.

If you’re looking for something unique, right now laying floor tiles in different patterns and colours together in one space is really on trend.

Ceragres Tile Shop offers a collection of mix and match porcelain tiles. They come in a variety of bold colours and patterns which can be used to create an undoubtedly beautiful focal point on your floor.

Although some people may not consider the floor in a home as a focal point, today’s interior design is limitless.

If you’re wanting to push your own design boundaries, Ceragres’ bold tiles are one effective ways to make a style statement in your space.

One of my favourite things about design is how bold patterns and colours can complement each other.

It’s all about taking risks and experimenting how to put certain patterns and colours together to create an attractive cohesive design.

Though these patterns and colours may contradict someone’s conventional idea of what constitutes beauty, I think it pushes flooring-as-function into becoming a utilitarian work of Art.

My advice is, “Don’t be afraid to go experiment a little!”

With 60 Ceragres tile shops in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, and partnerships with many architectural firms on more than 500 projects a year, it’s safe to say that Ceragres is a powerhouse in the ceramic industry.

To learn more about their cool products visit Ceragres Tile Shop.

All photos are courtesy of Ceragres Tile Shop.

Researched and Written by Stephanie Tsapoitis, Undergraduate of Interior Design at Sheridan College

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