Wood Art By CarpenterCraig In Windsor, Ontario

Craig Forget, a reclaimed wood artist based in Ontario’s Windsor-Essex County, is channelling Canada’s strong environmental ethic by producing generous pieces that minimize the impact on one of our most precious resources: the forests. His slogan, “where quality meets environment”, explains the philosophy behind his business.

Forget’s online shop, CarpenterCraig, features his high-end wall art that he transformed from reclaimed wood that he personally collects. From organic visuals of nature to edgier works inspired by circuit boards and aerial city views, Forget’s creative range is wide. If you have your own creative vision in mind, you’ll be happy to hear that custom orders are also available!

The work below features an aerial city view that is intricate and detailed. It’s easy to understand why this is the most expensive piece available. As you can see, most of the colours are not from staining but are from the ageing process. For example, the darker brown woods are originally from inside a barn, while grey boards have been weathered outside.

All of Forget’s works combine the finest carpentry with an artistic vision. Materials are also sourced from old wood from a variety of species found in local barns that are as old as 200 years of age.

As Forget states on his site: “When you are buying one of my pieces, you are also buying a piece of Pioneer history”.

Below is a work depicting a true blue (pun intended) Canadian scene: a mesmerizing glacial lake surrounded by snow capped mountains.

This tree is an example of one of Forget’s few vertical works made by piecing together a variety of shapes and sizes of reclaimed barn wood using a technique that gives a mosaic tile effect. Forget has used different tones of mixed wood for the background. The lighter wood gives the work an ethereal “backlit” effect. The size and shape make this work perfect over a mantel.

The circuit board below is one of Forget’s most clever and unusual works. Although the colours are subtle, the piece is eye-catching due to its visual depth. A guaranteed conversation piece, it could act as a focal point in any room and is excellent for a large, bare wall needing to be filled. Perfect for a long hallway or above a sofa or bed.

This work has colours that come from the original barn wood collected by Forget. The seemingly haphazard pattern has the look of a quilt, in fact, all of the works on CarpenterCraig evoke a rustic sophistication. The natural texture of this piece would contrast perfectly with a stark, contemporary interior.

Below is another beauty: a deer made from geometrically shaped pieces of wood. The pristine white wood plank backdrop gives the impression of a vast expanse of snow.

Craig Forget’s work proves that even a carpenter can practice environmental mindfulness. He is an inspiration to all of us, and he inspires us to explore sustainable ways of living.

To see more of Craig Forget’s unique work, visit CarpenterCraig.

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All photos courtesy of CarpenterCraig.

Researched and written by Namrita Kohli, student in the Interior Decorating Certificate Program, George Brown College.

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