Canadian Children Imagine What Their Homes Will Look Like In 20 Years

With COVID-19 having kept children across the country – and the world – isolated this past summer, Square One Insurance Services knew it was the perfect time to run a contest. Aiming to give parents a break from entertaining their little ones, and to bring awareness to their company’s services, they asked Canadian children to imagine what they ideal home might look like in 20 years – and then draw it!


Square One received over 500 submissions from children under 13, ranging from highly detailed full colour drawings to sketches that were barely more than a few scribbles. But the commonality was clear: these kids are BRIGHT!


They’re really quite stunning and thought-provoking! Many kids considered what might be fun and appealing for their families, others took the environment into account, and some even considered what structures would be the most feasible to build or could withstand the seasons. Moreover, Square One cited these four points of interest that were demonstrated by the submissions:


• Children are well-aware of climate change impacts. Many home drawings had eco-friendly and sustainability element like solar panels and gardens
• Living near or having a water feature on the property is very popular
• Houses depicted were humble i.e., more cottages in the nature than mansions
• Tree homes are very popular and a common solution to the space issues in big cities, as many children mentioned in their drawings




The drawings of the top 10 finalists were then submitted to a professional illustrator who brought their future dream home drawings to life in a more polished way. The creativity, critical thinking skills, and imaginations of our youth might surprise you! Take a peek at the submissions below!

What Will Homes Look Like In 20 Years? Contest Winners Here.



Each of the 10 participants chosern received $100 and a framed copy of their drawing converted into a professional illustration. Additionally the top three submissions – decided by public vote – received RESP contributions of $250, $500, and $1500.


How cool is that?

Thanks, Square One, for providing a fun challenge and distraction for Canadians struggling through COVID-19, but also for provoking creativity and offering us several views of what hte future might hold when it comes to domestic spaces in Canada!

And thanks to Mike Nesselbeck for bringing this illuminating contest to our attention!


~ Posted by Steven Fudge, the purveyor of and proprietor of, a division of Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.

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