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Welcome to Canadian Real Estate, Housing & Home.ca – formerly known as That Which Shall Not Be Named before the server suffered a fiery crash and burn in May 2021. After dozens of months of trying to get the issue resolved unsuccessfully, we elected to immigrate to a new server. And now, on Canada Day 2023, the CREHH.ca team is back!

I’m Steve Fudge, the purveyor of CREHH.ca and a first-generation Canadian born in Oakville, Ontario. To give you a little context, I spent my formative years in Vancouver & Victoria, B.C. where my family still live; moved to Toronto, Ontario as a young adult to complete my multi-disciplinary university education where I’m currently a realtor and shelter consultant who resides seasonally in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I’m bi-coastal!

There is enormous importance and meaning of Home in our contemporary culture and, as an extremely proud Canadian who has always been fascinated with all the facets of domestic space and its contents, back in 2013 I was surprised to discover, and a little disappointed, there aren’t many shelter sites dedicated strictly to Canadian housing. After all, the true north, strong and free, is brimming with jaw-dropping domiciles, breathtaking residential landscapes, dazzling interior design, Canuck-made products, and some stellar real estate for sale or lease. So, after some reflection but mostly enthusiasm, I decided to start exploring, documenting, and showcasing Canada’s astounding diverse homegrown talent for everything housing & home.

To accomplish this, I started mentoring Canadian Students and recent graduates enrolled in the fields of Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, Product Design, and Canadian History of Art & Architecture. We’ve since expanded to include other fields related to Canadian Shelter or journalism, as well as some fantastic contributors who have personal and professional experience in the country’s shelter economy. The more breadth and depth on our culture of domesticity the better, right?

If you’re Canadian with a strong design sensibility, and you’d like to share your unique project, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you’re anywhere in Canada looking for a Paid Internship, simply fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page so we can explore the possibilities, together.

Love real estate as much as I do? Check out my site Urbaneer for culture, design, and real estate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And if you need help with any real estate needs, please don’t hesitate to email steve@urbaneer.com!

Welcome to my slice of Canadiana!

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