Montreal’s Bernier-Thibault House By Paul Bernier Architecte

Based out of Montreal, Quebec the team at Paul Bernier Architecte focuses on innovative design tactics and pay close attention and care to the materials they use in their projects.

In their creative process, they strive to create a dialogue between dynamic spaces and natural light. A beautiful example of this methodology is seen on one of their local projects entitled “The Bernier-Thibault House”.





The Bernier-Thibault House not only looks cozy and inviting, but it’s also a beautiful response to an urban environment spanning roughly two-thousand square feet at three stories tall. Built within a small pocket in the dense city of Montreal, its design wraps around inwards into an L-shape, leaving room for a lovely garden with a tree canopy.





The garden seems in perfect harmony with the home’s wood cladding which creates a warm, earthy atmosphere, as if to take a step away from the bustling city, into the Canadian wilderness. The exterior pocket also becomes an extra space to enjoy those hot summer months.




The home’s location also allows for a beautiful view of the city, including the splendid sunrises which you can easily see from the roof. In fact, the partially-open roof creates a light well that illuminates the rooms below.

Being limited from large open spaces by the linear forms of the floor plan, Paul Bernier Architecte had to be innovative when it came to designing this residence. The semi-transparent wood trellis bridge of the second-floor radiate light below. The rows of ribbon windows open up the upper level to be even airier. By designing the home with dynamic combinations of upper-level windows, grate-like ceilings, and open spaces, the house is filled with light and pours from room to room fluidly.





The window trim, stairs, walls and even ceilings of the home are adorned with mostly oiled yellow birch. Combined with the floor plan, the home is tied together beautifully, functionally, and also aesthetically.





Overall, it’s a beautiful example of how inviting and warm home can be, even up in the Great North!


Check out Paul Bernier Architecte’s portfolio for more lovely work like this!

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Photos courtesy of Marc Cramer, Paul Bernier and Vittorio Vieira.


Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University

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