Good Thing Collection By Canadian Designer Jamie Wolfond

Jamie Wolfond’s collection Good Thing, founded in 2014, is a playful practical collection of household objects. With a focus on experimentation, Wolfond pushes the boundaries of possibility with materials and unconventional manufacturing techniques.

His no-frills aesthetic goes a long way in conjunction with simple colours and textures. The collection includes furniture, lighting, and everyday housewares like mirrors, jugs, and storage solutions. Good Thing has become an international hit and was exhibited at the prestigious Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2019.

Born in busy Toronto and now based out of hectic Brooklyn (New York City), Wolfond has a unique style that suits the urban apartment dweller’s needs. His fresh, thoughtful designs integrate seamlessly into that kind of urban lifestyle seen in cities like Toronto and New York, where most folks hunker down in teeny tiny apartments.

My favourite piece from this collection is the Wandering Planter, an ingenious pot design equipped with wheels and a handle so you can mobilize your heavy monstera or dracaena, wheeling it to the sunny side of the room or onto a rainy patio.

The Owl Lamp is another genius piece of design. Inspired by striped drinking straws, the neck of the lamp has a flexible tubed mesh that can be twisted to turn the lampshade 360 degrees, casting light in any direction.

At first glance, an empty Frog Vase is somewhat unidentifiable — but add a few flowers and magic happens. This spiked aluminium plate, inspired by ikenobo arrangements of Japan, is the perfect foundation for floral design. The flower stems are stuck between small spikes that hold them in place, allowing for whimsical, airy arrangements.


The stackable Platform Bowl comes in an array of gorgeous earthy colours, with a steel top and a pine base. It is a perfect showcase for all things beautiful, from cakes to exotic fruits. When stacked, the bowls become a modern tiered stand for pastries or hors d’oeuvres. High tea, anyone?


And last but not least is the small but mighty Super Mug, made from coloured borosilicate (a type of glass that is more resistant to thermal shock). The mug is perfectly stackable, and its double-wall design makes holding hot beverages a breeze, while the bottom of the vessel is elevated to protect tabletops.


Wolfond’s collection can be purchased online or in-store at West Elm, the exclusive retailer of Good Thing products.

To see more of Wolfond’s collection, visit, and follow his Instagram @jamiewolfond to keep up to date with his latest products.

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Researched and written by Emma Cosgrove, a graduate of the Journalism program at Ryerson University.

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