Spotlight On Ontario Design Couple, Krista Salter & Nicholas Hamilton Holmes

Krista Salter and Nicholas Hamilton Holmes, residents of Hamilton, Ontario, are an ambitious young couple who bring innovative designs to homes across the GTA. They have combined their unique talents to create one-of-a-kind interiors, making them a power-couple to watch!

Many young professionals and families like Salter and Hamilton Holmes live and work in Hamilton. The city is part of a populous region of Southern Ontario called the Golden HorseshoeNicknamed The Hammar or Steeltown because of its industrial history, Hamilton is growing by the day.

Krista Salter is the founder and chief designer of the award-winning boutique firm KMSalter Design. She has worked as a designer since 2009 and has been featured in a variety of Candian publications. Most importantly, she has a long list of happy clients. Her design process involves working closely with her clients to understand their needs, both aesthetically and practically. Salter has the keen ability to refresh an outdated space that still reflects her clients’ personal tastes. Her diverse portfolio reflects a chameleon-like ability to design spaces as unique as the people living in them.



Photo Credit: Stephani Buchman Photography courtesy of KMSalter Design


Whether she’s infusing mid-century modern inspired charm to an industrial urban loft or revamping and brightening a suburban back split home, Salter creates dynamic yet inviting spaces.



Photo Courtesy of KMSalter Design


The photo above showcases a bright kitchen in a suburban back split home that features millwork by the other half of this dynamic duo, Nicholas Hamilton Holmes.

Hamilton Holmes is best known for his sculpting furniture design. His body of work shows a unique range. While his pieces reference classic aesthetics, they are unmistakably modern, often sculptural, and refreshingly whimsical.

Hamilton Holmes has launched two furniture and decor collections, including the Black Arts Collection (2019) and the Oxalino Collection (2020 limited edition), that have pushed his craft into fine art.

Also notable about Hamilton Holmes’ work, he creates all of his pieces with a sustainable mindset, crafting furniture that may outlive their owners. Pictured below is one of Hamilton Holmes’ popular pieces called the Captains’ Table. This particular variation of the table was designed for the Oxalino Collection.



Photo Courtesy of Hamilton Holmes


Below is a selection of items from the Black Arts collection. I have endless appreciation for the quirky marvel that is “Steve the Rack,” which is the piece on the far right side of the photo.



Photo Courtesy of Hamilton Holmes


Hamilton Holmes and Salter are clearly hugely talented as individuals, but they often collaborate on residential projects of all scales.

What happens when these two work together? Simply stunning spaces.



Photo Courtesy of KMSalter Design


This modern farmhouse kitchen was designed by KMSalter Design with millwork by Hamilton Holmes Woodworking and Design.

This kitchen is a great example of Salter’s eclectic design sensibility. The bright and bold black and white pallet is clean and modern but is accented with classic details like crown molding and vintage finishes. The entire space has been warmed by the variety of caramel-hued rustic wood features. Salter and Hamilton Holmes created a casual yet sophisticated, contemporary yet classic, family kitchen.

As individuals, these designers have vision and skill, but they are quite a force to be reckoned with when combined.

Dare I say that their collaborations are designed with love?


To learn more about these designers’ exciting and modern work, visit KMSalter Design and Hamilton Holmes.

And don’t be shy! Follow @hamiltonholmes and @kmsalterdesign on Instagram.


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This story was written and researched by BRYNN BYRNE, a Toronto-based writer and podcaster with a passion for BIG cities and tiny homes.

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