Toronto’s Lightmaker Studio Will Brighten Your Home

As we emerge from hibernation after another Canadian winter, always remember you can always brighten any season with the help of Toronto’s Lightmaker Studio. This studio creates radiant light fixtures that elevate any space.

Founded in 2014 by Denise Murphy and Michael Stamler, Lightmaker Studio is located in the heart of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District. Situated in an industrial heritage setting, these artisans create brilliant products for those seeking interesting and stylish illumination including wall sconces, ceiling pendants, and chandeliers.

According to Murphy and Stamler, their work is inspired by geometry, balance, and nature. They also reference many popular mid-century aesthetics. 

Pictured below is a Lightmaker Studio Chandelier called Parallel, which uses shapes and direction to reveal a slight retro flare. The semi-opaque smoke grey glass used in this version is definitely contemporary. It’s a 21st-century nod to the fixture your hip aunt or grandmother had in the 1960s.

All of Lightmaker Studio’s pieces feature Ontario brass and Quebec glass. A studio in Quebec creates the glass shades and globes, and much of it is handblown. The glass is fitted to the brass fixtures right in the Toronto studio. Each fixture is made to order, and the studio works directly with its customers to customize their finishes and glass.

Over the past six years, Lightmaker has prided itself on this hands-on personal process. There is unmistakable connectivity created between the customer and the fixture to ultimately become an important new feature of their home.

Another important aspect of the customization process is how a fixture can transform based on the chosen finishes. For instance, the following two pictures are a version of “The Edie Sconce” in two different finishes. Which one is your favourite?

I personally love this version above. The vintage brass provides a classic charm, and the opal glass casts a warm romantic glow. This piece would fit nicely into an eclectic space with retro-inspired accents. 

Then we have this alternative one below: 

This is still the Edie sconce, but she’s a little more industrial with her blackened brass and semi-opake smoke grey glass. What’s interesting here is that you can see the bulbs inside the glass. The second Edie has less mystery and has a less warm and fuzzy quality than the first one. It’s definitely more of a bold version of the Edie Sconce.

Lightmaker Studio’s customization process, which is included in most of their products, involves choosing the colour and finish of both the brass and glass. There are some jewel-toned glass options for the wall sconces to choose from, like sandblasted blue or pink like pictured below for the adorable and aptly named piece: “Sweetie Sconce.”

Like “Branch,” as pictured below, the customers can choose from polished nickel, polished copper, or vintage brass on some of the larger chandeliers. The “Branch” light fixture is a striking piece and a great example of Lightmaker Studio drawing inspiration from the natural world.

For me, this light fixture invokes memories of gazing out of the windows of my childhood home in rural Essex County, Ontario in Wintertime. I feel instantly nostalgic, picturing the light fixture morph into the hundred-year-old trees from my parents’ backyard whose leaves have been replaced by icicles. My reaction to the “branch” light fixture was particularly vivid. This demonstrates the sheer talent of this team. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside in the way that this piece does has a special appeal in 2021.

According to its website, Lightmaker Studio strives “to create timeless pieces that visually connect with other elements within the room.” This desire for a light fixture to connect with its surroundings mirrors their products’ customization process in an interesting way. It seems as though Lightmaker Studio wants customers to feel as though their work belongs in their homes. This philosophy and process are refreshing. In my view, Lightmaker Studio’s approach is very personal. 

The classic charm, Canadian craftsmanship, care, and collaboration are what make these fixtures a special investment in your home. You can be proud to brighten up your Canadian Home with Lightmaker Studio.

To view their full collection, visit Lightmaker Studio.

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All photos courtesy of Lightmaker Studio

This story was written and researched by BRYNN BYRNE, a Toronto-based writer and podcaster with a passion for BIG cities and tiny homes.

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