Vaste Furniture In Montreal, Quebec

Welcome to Vaste, a new furniture line from Montreal, Quebec, which is also lovingly known as the land of the Poutine, a delicious dish made of french fries, cheese curds and gravy which would be perfect to eat on one of the formidable pieces designed by the Vaste team!

Vaste is the offspring of Montreal design studio F&Y, created by Frederique Beaubien and Yannic Ryan who are established woodworkers. The two work with three other designers and five woodworkers at their workshop in Montreal.

The designers at Vaste infused Canadian heritage into their pieces by crafting their furniture with wood that’s native to Canada – mainly walnut, blackened ash, and white oak.



According to Vaste’s website, the furniture collection is timeless, elegant, and durable. Considering the pieces are both designed and made locally, they really do have a certain Canadian ‘touch’.

There are different collections and pieces available. The two main collections are called Collection Nord and Collection Olmsted. The majority of the brand’s pieces offer personal flexibility as you can choose the type of wood, finish, colour, and even size. For items like chairs, you can also select the upholstery colour.

The Olmsted Table is a solid wood table that reflects a traditional design. It’s a gorgeous piece. On Vaste’s website, they say that it’s intended to “remind(s) us of the large family tables that invite festive and comforting reconciliations.”


There are chairs and tables in both the Nord and Olmstead collections, each with their own special twist. There are also stools, perfect for a bar or your high-top kitchen table.

Vaste’s Tame Stool is another piece the brand makes, which can act as a bench, side table, or a stool. You choose the size and dimensions, so it can be a longer coffee table, or a small circular side table – depending on your preference.

My favorite piece from Vaste is called La Cache, or The Cache, and it’s a multi-functional object, to say the least.

To begin with, it has a unique shape and comes in a variety of colours, such as black, natural wood, rose, and blue. I personally love the rose colour and already have a spot in mind for it in my home!

It can be used for stowing items inside, sitting atop it, or simply for display. It’s also customizable and comes in either a “simple” size or a “double” size.

I think pieces like The Cache can offer personality to any room and I cherish anything with a hidden storage compartment. Not only does it look good, but that aspect makes it super useful too!

The Nord chair was first created by F&Y Design for a Montreal restaurant back in 2012. Vaste’s furniture can now be found in plenty of local spots, including Café Humble LionCafé DeniseMakro Pêcherie, and Bati Bassak.

Seeing Vaste’s furniture displayed in these public locations showcases the elegance of the pieces. Although they may come across as quite simple, they are still eye-catching. The setups may also give you ideas on how to decorate your own home with their furniture!

Although Vaste is fairly new as a furniture brand, the creators have been designing and crafting for years. Putting their own line of work out for purchase seems like a no-brainer! As far as I’m concerned any brand that is handcrafted locally and celebrates Canada is worth checking out!
To learn more about the brand and shop their products, visit Atelier Vaste.


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