Shantih – A Nova Scotia Getaway

Omar Gandhi Architects has created a unique retreat on the south shore of Nova Scotia that quite literally embraces the land it is located on.

Situated on a piece of land that naturally curves downward towards the waterfront described by Gandhi as a “grassy bowl”, the building is designed as a central living area with private wings on either side.

The client requested a cottage that would emphasize the lawn and waterfront, while remaining a subtle structure from the street.

Gandhi succeeded in creating a quiet façade facing the street with minimal windows to the interior space, while the waterfront façade is large, open and consists almost entirely of windows.

The central living area housing the kitchen, dining and living spaces is located adjacent to a sunroom with a fully retractable glazed wall towards the yard.

The sunroom has a suspended wood fireplace which can rotate for use from the inside and outside, allowing for maximum flexibility and year round use of the space.

The materials of the cottage help create a perfect marriage between the interior and exterior of the structure, while celebrating the landscape and local vernacular of Nova Scotia.

The interior of the building consists of concrete and exposed wood incorporated into a primarily white palette while the outside is mostly lightly stained eastern white cedar shingles.

This subtlety allows the building to sit comfortably into its surroundings without distracting from the landscape.

A personal favourite feature of the design is the change of the wood flooring to stone tiles beneath the sunroom’s suspended fireplace.

This unique structure definitely stands out when compared to typical cottages found in the Hunts Point location, but for all the right reasons.

All photos: Courtesy of Greg Richardson Photography via Omar Gandhi

Researched and Written by Spencer Robert Jeffries
Student of Interior Design – Ryerson University

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