The Courtyard House By MBAC, In Calgary, Alberta

A 2020 Royal Architecture Institute of Canada laureate, MBAC (Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative) showcases a house designed for people who love privacy, nature, and their pet tortoise.

The Award-Winning Windsor Park Net-Zero House In Edmonton, Alberta

The Award-Winning Windsor Park Net-Zero Energy House in Edmonton, Alberta, designed in collaboration between De Waal Developments and Designex Consulting, is a great example of the Great White North's contribution to sustainable architecture.

Fox Buildings Sheds In Lethbridge, Alberta

Fox Buildings - a shed manufacturing company located in Lethbridge, Alberta - offer multiple options to get creative with a shed as the perfect extension to your residence!

Tent Living In The Mountains Of Canada

For climbers, skiers, and hikers - and emergencies - tents are a necessity as they offer shelter from the elements. And, as a bonus, they fit within a backpack! Read on to learn more about how tents have become a practical version of the "mobile home".

Green Energy Doors Open 2016 Is Here!

Green energy fans get the chance to take a peek inside some standout residential and commercial locations during Green Energy Doors Open 2016 - a free weekend event!